We are local women from around the world who promote global understanding
through friendship.
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Tampa Bay International Membership Application

TBI is a non-partisan and non-sectarian social club that welcomes women from around the world. Our goal is to learn, respect, appreciate and enjoy the many different cultures, customs and languages that we as members bring to this organization. We are glad you are interested in joining us!

The following rules apply to each TBI applicant: 

  • New applicants must attend one function. Please check the Events page for upcoming events.
  • Each applicant must be sponsored by a member in good standing. Prospective new members that do not have a sponsor will be introduced to a potential sponsor at their first meeting.
  • Applicants and members may not use their participation in TBI to promote commercial or charitable endeavors.

Next Steps

  1. Complete the following form and click the Submit Application text button in the last line of the form. You can click the symbol in the First Name field to auto-fill the application with your common information if it is stored by your browser.
  2. Enter your email address into the Mailing List Subscription field at the bottom. This will enable us to send you event notifications and other club communications.
New member applicants will be reviewed for approval by the executive committee. Approved applicants will be notified by mail and by phone. Annual dues are $50. An invoice will be emailed to you upon approval of your application.

Mailing List Subscription

Please add yourself to the club mailing list; subscription provides you with the latest event invitations and information.  Your email will not be shared outside of the organization. 

You can choose to unsubscribe through any email you receive by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. You will then no longer receive any event information or invitations via email, though that information is available on the website under the Events tab.

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