Tampa Bay International Association By-Laws


The Tampa Bay International Association (TBI) is a women’s social organization whose purpose is to promote cultural understanding and friendship among women of all nations.


The goal of TBI is to encourage a mingling of International and American women. An international member is defined as a foreign-born member or one who has lived, studied, or traveled extensively abroad.

Membership Policy

1. TBI is a social club that is non-partisan and non-sectarian.
2. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, or against individuals with disabilities, nor do we tolerate sexual harassment.

Membership Responsibilities

1. This is a friendship club with members of various cultural backgrounds. If a member has a misunderstanding or disagreement with any person or her actions, the offended member is encouraged to speak privately with the other member. If a resolution is not reached, the two members will discuss the problem with the Board. Under no circumstance should a problem or grievance be shared with the Membership.
2. Members are strongly encouraged to attend the annual February Business Meeting.
3. Members may not use the Membership Directory for commercial or charitable purposes. It is private and only for the purpose of participating in the Association.
4. The use of the TBI website is for approved, official TBI information only and is not to be used by members for their personal use.

Procedure for Membership

1. Each applicant must be sponsored by a member in good standing.
2. Each applicant must attend one function accompanied by her sponsor.
3. The candidate must complete and submit an Application Form prior to acceptance by the Board.
4. A sponsoring member must follow up with her applicant to ensure the new member is receiving e-mail, has been properly introduced at an event, has received her name tag, and is fully brought into the activities of the Association.

General Meetings

1. The Association calendar year runs from January through December.
2. The new Board will assume responsibilities in January.
3. There will be one annual Business Meeting in February.
4. There will be an Annual Tea.
5. There will be an average of one event each month for members.



A. Definition: The Board of Directors (Board) will consist of the eight members of the Board, the immediate Past President, (also known as the Ambassador-at-Large), and the Founder, who is a non-voting member.
B. Function: The function of the Board is to monitor the direction, administration, By-Laws, and finances of the Association.
C. Chair: The Chairwoman of the Board is the current President.
D. Elections
1. The President, Program Director, Membership Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster are elected by the Membership for a two-year term. The election is held in December in uneven-numbered years.
2. The Special Programs Officer and the Public Relations/Historian/Photographer are elected by the Membership for a two-year term. The election is held in December in even-numbered years.
E. Vacancies: If a vacancy occurs, the Board will nominate and vote to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the term only.
F. Quorum: Six members of the Board must be present for a quorum.


A. A meeting of the Board will be held at least quarterly.
B. A Board member who misses three consecutive meetings will be asked for her resignation.


A. Board Responsibilities

1. The Board is responsible for the administration and operation of the Association.
2. The Board will be elected for a two-year term.
3. The Board will have the authority to temporarily fill any vacant office for the duration of the term.
4. In early October, the President will appoint a Nominating Committee to nominate Board candidates for the December election. The Committee will consist of one member of the Board as chairman and two members from the Membership. The Founder will be a permanent, non-voting, honorary member of the Nominating Committee.
5. For continuity, it is preferred that the President-Elect come from the existing Board and be endorsed by the Board before being placed on the ballot.
If no one from the existing Board is available to run, the President-Elect may be a Member in good standing who has been active within the Membership for the previous two years.
6. The installation of the new Board will be held every other year in January at a special ceremony.

B. President

1. The President will set, with the Board, the agenda for the year.
2. The President will preside at all meetings of the Association and the Board.
3. The President will garner the approval of all Board Members before making Board decisions.

C. Vice President

1. The Vice President will be an Officer in another capacity on the Board and will be appointed by the other Board members.
2. The Vice President will preside in the absence of the President at regular meetings.
3. The Vice President will preside in the event of the resignation or disability of the President until the vacancy in the office of the President has been filled.

D. Program Officer

1. The Program Officer will recommend and implement meetings and programs.
2. The Program Officer will be responsible for sending event notices.
3. The Program Officer will secure volunteers to help during events.
4. The Program Officer will arrange for volunteers to welcome guests or visitors to the Association events.
5. The Program Officer will recommend a Program Committee if needed.

E. Membership Officer

1. The Membership Officer will keep an accurate list of the Membership.
2. The Membership Officer will greet and introduce guests at Association events.
3. The Membership Officer will seek approval of the Board for each new applicant.
4. The Membership Officer will process and welcome each new applicant who has received Board approval.
5. The Membership Officer will order a name pin for each new member.
6. The Membership Officer will organize a reception for new members and Board members as often as deemed beneficial.

F. Secretary

1. The Secretary will be responsible for the minutes of the Board and Board meetings.
2. The Secretary will furnish copies to each Board member.
3. The Secretary will produce the updated Membership Directory each year.
4. The Secretary will maintain the By-Laws.
5. The Secretary will be responsible for all required correspondence such as thank you notes, sympathy expressions, and well-wishes, as needed.

G. Treasurer

1. The fiscal calendar year runs from January through December.
2. The Treasurer will be responsible for receipts and expenditures of the Association.
3. The Treasurer will present to the Board monthly reports of financial activity.
4. The Treasurer will present a recap of receipts and expenditures as well as a budget at the annual Business Meeting.
5. The Treasurer will recommend an Assistant Treasurer if needed.

H. Webmaster

1. The webmaster is responsible for sending authorized messages to the Membership.
2. The use of the TBI website is for approved, official TBI information only and is not to be used for Members’ personal information.
3. Website design changes must be approved by the Board.
4. The TBI logo cannot be changed without Board approval.
5. The President, Secretary, and Webmaster maintain the password and access to the website, and no changes can be made without Board approval.
6. The website’s account, user name, and password changes must be approved by the Board.

I. Special Programs Chair

1. The Special Programs Chair will implement any special projects, activities, or events, as directed by the Board.
2. The Special Programs Chair will recommend a Committee if needed.

J. Public Relations/Historian/Photographer

1. The Public Relations Officer will notify the media of any upcoming event where prospective members and/or the public are invited.
2. The Public Relations Officer will be responsible for pictures being taken of TBI events, forward them to the Secretary, keep memorabilia, newspaper notices, etc. of all events.

K. Board Committees:
1. A Committee can be established by the Board as needed.
2. A Committee Chair must report to a Board Member.
3. Committee Chairs do not attend meetings of the Board.


A. Annual dues will be determined by the Board of Directors.
B. Monies collected will be spent only for general Association activities unless otherwise determined by a majority of the Board.
C. The Association fiscal year is January through December.
D. Membership dues are payable in January.
E. The Treasurer will keep a record of membership dues received via checks made payable to TBI or via PayPal.
F. Any member who fails to pay dues by January 31 will be assessed a $5 late fee for every month her dues are unpaid.
G. New members’ dues will be prorated at $5 for each month until year end and will not exceed the annual dues amount.


These By-Laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Membership of the Association in attendance at any regular meeting or by electronic communication.


Neither the Association nor the Board accepts liability for any loss, accident, or injury sustained or caused by an individual or member while participating in TBI activities.