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What Is a 'Likability Quotient'

(and How Can You Increase Yours)?

You’ve heard of the intelligence quotient, or IQ, and you probably know it’s not a super reliable way to determine how smart you are. But did you know there’s a “likability quotient,” too, and you can take steps to influence yours and, thus, make yourself more likable?

What is a likability quotient?

Dr. Hendrie Weisinger, an expert on emotional intelligence, wrote about this in 2015, explaining that likability is “a key predictor to success in all areas of life.” Simply put, however likable you are will directly influence how successful you are in your friendships, romantic endeavors, professional field, and familial relationships.

The quotient here refers to the measurement of your likability, which you can generally gauge by how people treat and interact with you. Weisinger used getting party invitations or job promotions as indicators of your likability and its related successes, but think about how you engage with everyone around you. If your siblings regularly call you to tell you about their day, your friends trust you with secrets or invite you to important events, or you have meaningful romantic entanglements, you can feel confident your likability quotient is high.

Read more HERE at Lifehacker.com.

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